Understanding the Essence of the Proper Addiction Treatment

As physiotherapists we work with your rehabilitation, we do a survey and together we will develop a rehabilitation plan and adapt the treatment according to your specific needs. We perform acupuncture and shockwave treatment at different pain conditions. We have specific training in sports medicine, geriatrics, neurology, oncology, ergonomics and psychosomatics.

We always work with your best in front of us and when needed we also work in teams with other professional groups.

Occupational therapy

As occupational therapists, we work with issues concerning your health and your commitment to your daily life. This may mean that we meet you at home, in your immediate area or at our reception. Together, we design a plan for your rehabilitation, how to stay active or stay in your home. Collaboration is important and we have close contact with our physiotherapists and our dietitian as well as with other agencies such as home care, housing support, health care centers, etc. The addiction treatment California happens to be the best there.

Dietitian & Chiropractor

The food is of crucial importance to your health and well-being. If you want help adjusting your diet to feel better, prevent disease, reduce the need for medication or make your rehabilitation more effective, contact the dietician to book a visit.

A chiropractor treats the inconvenience or damage caused by disorders in joints, muscles, nervous system and their mutual relationship. The overall purpose of chiropractic treatment is to restore and maintain normal function in joints, muscles and nervous systems. In order to accomplish this, the chiropractor mainly uses different precise actions. The main treatment method is manipulation (so-called adjustment), but other manual treatment also occurs. The number of treatments required before restoring depends on the symptoms you have and how long you have had them.

In the late nineteenth century, German scientists made the drug morphine, one of the opium compounds, and its combination with anhydride to treat opiate addiction, a drug called heroin or acetylmorphine, which not only did not contribute to the treatment of opiate addiction, but also the catastrophe He said that he will never forget humanity.

Since then, countless drugs have been developed for the treatment of drug addiction, each of which has been built to compensate for and compensate for the damage and destruction of previous human development drugs for the treatment of addiction, but each has new complications and disasters. It was created.

Methadone is another chemical product that was developed to treat addiction, but it created itself an addiction that virtually no human knowledge has found any way out of the methadone addiction. According to a recent study conducted at one of the colleges in London, the highest rates of suicide among drug users belong to Methadone users. Methadone consumers are depressed so much that their faces are more like the faces of dead people than living people.